Check out Miss Tourism Nigeria 's New Logo

A logo represents the face of a company or brand. With its logo, the

brand can set a certain level of renewed expectations from its 

followers/clients, and its in the best interest of that brand to meet those
The best way to signal change and freshness in a company/brand is via its logo.

The New Miss Tourism Nigeria logo isbright, youthful, inviting and legible without being generic.

The font remains the same; BOLD! To demonstrate our readiness and courage 
to meet the expectations of our followers/clients

The ORANGE, which is now our lead official brand colour reflects the principles for life; 
relationship, success and progression.

The BLUE shows strenght, faith and sincerity.

The new injection of colours into our brand identity demonstrates freshness, diversity and beauty.

We have kept the logo very simple because we believe simplicity promotes progress and clarity.

The simplicity of the logo also translate into our straightforwardness and quest to maintain 
the high level of intergrity we've come to be known for.