Exclusive Interview with Christiana Kalu (Miss New Nigeria World 2016)

Queen Christiana kalu is an Indigene of Nguzu-Edda in Ebonyi State. She is presently an Economics student at the National Open University Lagos Branch.

Apart from the crown, She won a car,and  will also represent Nigeria at the Queen and Beauty Universe In Spain and currently, she’s an Ambassador to Slim tea Nigeria.

Photos were taken by PhotoKulture and Dresses made by Beauline Designes

Just Promoters: Hi Christy. On behalf of  JustPromoters, I would like to say how proud we are of your success. Welcome to this interview. First, what motivated you to contest in the Miss New Nigeria World beauty pageant?
Christiana Kalu: Thank you, Well, it is the passion to help and motivate mankind, especially the female folks, you will agree with me, that young Nigerian women need more empowerment and establishment, Miss New Nigeria beauty pageant gives that platform, and Im happy I Hold a position to achieve this dream
Just Promoters: Wow nice,Who will you say is your idol or mentor ?
Christiana Kalu: *smiles* my idol is Agbani Darego, she is a strong willed and leading woman, her story is a motivation to me, and I will be very glad to work in her shoes.
Just Promoters: Should we describe u as another Nigeria woman or just a woman on your own chasing your dreams?

Christiana Kalu: I'm a woman chasing my dreams, I'm a woman with love for her country with a focus to better our flaws. So yes, you can say I'm another Nigeria woman chasing dreams
Just Promoters: Your background or profile make quite an interesting reading. You contested for Miss Tourism Nigeria 2015,Coming out not even in the Top 5 and now  you are the current Miss New Nigeria (World) would u say are already Living Your dreams?
Christiana Kalu: Lol.. Its a learning Process, my experience at Miss Tourism Nigeria 2015 taught me a whole lot in pageantry , it's only wise i applied the wisdom in my next pageant, and now we can see the result of that . I'm the newly crowned Queen of Miss New Nigeria 2016
Just Promoters: You Beat almost 30 other beautiful Competitors to Emerge the Winner of this Pageant,What would you say was the cutting edge that made You Champion?
Christiana Kalu: It was the focus and determination,I was expecting to meet girls I had edge over but that wasn't the case. Staying in camp with other self assured and confident Ladies kept me on my feet the whole time, but my focus stood me out
Just Promoters: Have you learnt  lessons from the National competition? If so how would you utilize these for the World Competition?
Christiana Kalu: Yes, I have leant a lot. Basically, I've got to stand out, it's going to be stiffer, meeting different ladies from different countries, language barrier amongst others, but then, when you know your worth, put in your best, and have God on your side. The sky is a starting point.
Just Promoters: What's next in Plan for you,now that you are a National Queen?
Christiana Kalu: Well i'm still working on building my NGO and working on my pet Projects. I will be focusing on the Nigerian child and young Nigerian women, I will also be doing a big project on kids living with Sickle Cell Anaemia
Just Promoters: That's Great, Who is your Ideal King  As a queen?
Christiana Kalu: A strong, God fearing and hardworking Man who should always be ready to pamper me.😊
Just Promoters: Have you Found Any yet or Still Looking out for?
Christiana kalu: Lol. Im in a happy relationship with a Man I love and Adore
Just Promoters: Can we know him? If you don't mind?
Chistiana Kalu: Lol. I can only say his first name. Rabih..
Just Promoters: Which do you prefer? Africa /Europe/ameria /asia /Uk?
Christiana Kalu: Lol. My dear, where ever love takes you, we are all humans and equal in the eyes of God.If you meant which continent I prefer; Africa is home, I'm proud and blessed to be african. I'm an african with a purpose.
Just Promoters: Hmmm I Never said anything about Love but now that you have raised up the topic, can u tell us what u understand by love?
Christiana Kalu: It's a mutual feeling
Just Promoters: please can you be elaborate with the questions?
Christiana kalu: Love  is varse. Love is a feeling of not wanting to let go. When you love someone  you are ready and willing to show them love,attention  and care
Just Promoters: So would u say you are in love with Rabih?
Christiana Kalu: Yes I am in love with Rabih.
Just Promoters: interesting, has he proposed yet and when re u guys planing to tie the knots smiles?
Christiana Kalu: Lol,please enough  talk on my personal life.*smiles*
Just Promoters: alright queen, where should we be looking out for you in 3 years Time
Christiana Kalu: In 3 years time,I should have already had a successful reign,with a well established  NGO that will sort the needs of our Nigerian Children and youths.
Just Promoters: Any word for Ladies that would wish to walk in your shoes or become Miss New Nigeria in near years?
Christiana Kalu: Be focus and determined. Be confident and believe in yourself,Nobody is you and that's your power
Just Promoters: Thanks for your time,please share with us how our readers can reach you on social media?
Christiana Kalu: You are welcome. MyFacebook: Christiana Kalu CandyInstagram: @Candy.is.king Snapchat: mznatalz

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