Jason Derulo has awed us for so long with those sculpted abs. Now the 26-year old artist has let us in on his diet and fitness secrets.

Jason DeruloThe Naked singer has been getting almost everything right in recent times. He's found love
with his new lady, Daphne Joy; his career seems to be on the right track, and he's basically just living the life.
Singer Jason Derulo in 'Naked' video play
Singer Jason Derulo in 'Naked' video 
(Billbaord )
Revealing the secret of his amazing physique to E! News, he reveals that he keeps a strict, lean diet, filled with proteins and low in carbs.
"It's really just being strict within reason," Derulo advises.
Jason Deruloplay
Jason Derulo
"...I was kind of doing just like those crash diets where I was going hard, going hard, going hard. [But] it's easy to fall off and when you fall off, it's kind of hard to get back up. So if you create yourself a reasonable diet...if you want something, you can have it, but within reason, do like an 80/20, 80-percent healthy and 20-percent...don't go too crazy!" he joked.
Derulo, Jordin Sparks' ex-boyfriend will be continuing his U.S. tour later this month, and is also set to perform for CMT Crossroads with Luke Bryan in the summer.