A Uk Media Mocks Nollywood for producing A Movie Titled 'Spider Girl'

The media in the United Kingdom has taken swipes at a Nollywood movie entitled 

Spider Girl, seeing it as a very poor imitation of the Hollywood all time block buster, 
Spider Man.

The film which is produced by Priced Penny Films, has had its trailer on social media 
platforms with the lead actor performing some 'out-of-this-world' stunts but the UK
 Metro and Unilad Uk are not finding it funny as they both tore into the movie.
First to go is the Metro and here is what the tabloid said:
'Forget Spider-Man, Nigerian Spider-Girl needs to be in Captain America: Civil War
We’ve had Tobey MaguireAndrew Garfield,
and now we’re anticipating Tom Holland’s younger-take on Spider-Man in
 Captain America: Civil War, but Nigeria is throwing their own interpretation 
into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Prepare yourself everyone: Meet Nollywood’s incredible Spider-Girl.

As you can see', Spider-Girl could easily stand toe-to-toe with giants in the 
Marvel Universe; flinging enemies into the sky and saving vehicles which 
are mildly going over the speed limits.

If anything, the real stars of the show are the powerful screams from 
civilians startled by her presence. It’s the kind of shrill Daredevil could hear 
from Hell’s Kitchen.

The genuine movie trailer is one of the many treats offered by Nigeria’s 
Hollywood equivalent, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2012.
Judging by the trailer for Captain America: Civil War, it looks like Captain
 America is lacking a Spidey companion. So should Nigerian Spider-Girl
 face-off against Tom Holland?"

The Unilad UK had its own:

'You Need To See This Nigerian Spider-Girl Trailer, It’s Incredible'

Comic fans around the world are waiting with bated breathe to see
 what Tom Holland’s performance as Spider-Man is going to be 
like -but the poor guy may have been outshone before he’s even
 webbed up his first bad guy. 

Meet Spider-Girl a gender bent, copyright infringing adaptation 
of everyone’s favourite wall-crawler straight from Nigeria’s version 
of Hollywood, Nollywood.
As I’m sure you can tell from the trailer, Spider-Girls' more than
 capable of going up against Marvel’s heavy hitters, swinging
(or flying it’s hard to tell) through the jungle and battling criminals
 with her magical ability to produce cartoon string, or webs, again it’s hard to tell."

source: Pulse.ng 
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