10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Indulge in Indiscriminate S*x


A relationship writer has listed some important reasons why you should avoid indiscriminate s*x due to its side effects. 

Its olatokunbo again and today i want to take you all into my world to share with you 10 reasons why I CAN'T indulge in s*xual recklessness and i believe this holds true for countless s*xually decent and responsible guys out there so grab a bottle of soft drink or wine,sit on your sofa and enjoy this thought provoking piece.

Before I list these reasons first let me define what indiscriminate sex means from the male perspective:

Indiscriminate means not to use any judgment and you tend to go for any lady that you are s*xually attracted to or any lady that tends to be sexually attracted to you. So in other words, in the context of s*x, it means you are having s*x with anyone and you just don't care who it is as long as the lady is s*xually appealing to you.

Now here are the reasons and it may make no sense to some but as i always reiterate,this remains my stand-view.

1. The wastefulness of resources: I
 guess this is simple to understand.By the time I try to keep up with 2 or more ladies at a time,i must be ready to spend on them and even if i have all the money in the world, i will soon come to realize how huge i have spent if i sit down to do serious calculation.

2. The negative stigma: 
Contrary to the belief of many guys, it is indeed a shameful thing for me to be called a dog. A man must have dignity and sexual integrity which goes a long way to boosting his self worth.

I cant imagine walking down the street and ladies looking at me as a wayward guy who can woo a cockroach in skirt and more demeaning is when i eventually woo a lady i really desire and i find out that i have once dated her blood sister or cousin.Indeed there is a stigma associated with sexual recklessness even in men.

3. The use of condom: Yes this will sound foolish but i believe using a condom is like suffering myself and also very very dumb.Sex is never the same with a rubber no matter how quality the rubber is,what you enjoy is psychological sex and not real s*x.

Asides that,as an oral s.x lover I tend to ask myself that of what use is it when i do oral without using mouth condom and then when its time to do the main thing I cover my stick with a rubber, how dumb.

I believe it makes more sense to have one HIV negative partner and do crazy stuffs on her without hindrance and of-course there are other safe ways of preventing pregnancy than the use of a disgusting rubber. (But if you must indulge in indiscriminate sex please use a condom).

4. The risk of STIs:
 It is no longer disputable that indiscriminate sex is a good template for contracting deadly sexual diseases but i am not talking about sexually transmitted infections but SPIRITUALLY TRANSMITTED INFECTIONS.Many people do not know that when you make love to anyone,you are actually striking a covenant with such person because you only become one in s*x which means when you make love to someone,you share all the spiritual curses of that person and not blessings because the sinful act only attracts the negative curses.
This is why you see some philanderers losing the grip on their finances and they always fail to realize that it is because of their s*xual recklessness.

5. Prostitution: 
Oh yes whether you believe it or not, a guy who indulges in indiscriminate sex is a male prostitute.Whether it comes in the form of you being the spender,Gigolo or freelance donor,it does not change the fact that you are indulging in prostitution and you are not different from the female counterpart that stays in a brothel.

6. Peace of mind: 
Guys will understand the task involved in keeping just one affair let alone keeping many. In fact i wonder what goes through the minds of these guys as they are always devising one means or the other to play smart and avoid terrible clash of titans because most times,when these ladies clash,the man will be the one to suffer because as they say,"Hell has no fury like a woman scorned" so i believe it is better to just maintain one lady and reduce the stress.

7. Living long:
 Many guys are so ignorant that too much sex kills and while they enjoy having Toke as breakfast,Kate as lunch and Ronke as overnight toy,they are gradually killing their heart and it might just be too late when they wake up to hear the question; "what killed you on earth?" Another fact many guys don't know is that some ladies are so mean that they don't mind killing you rather than allowing another lady to be with you...a case of "if i can't have you,no one will" abeg don't dare ladies o, play safe and be with one lady.

8. I can always get my spec: This is one fact i have come to realize. Out there, we have billions of ladies and they come in different shapes and sizes and trust me, each man has his desired body frame and YES each man can always get his preferred type of lady.

Lets cut the chase and leave the talks of behavior first.I always believe that "whatever is pleasing to the eyes will please the soul" therefore it is important for me to relax and get the body frame that catches my fancy first and foremost so that i can always be glad that i have my choice. To me, its the same hole but different casings so the best bet is to go for my preferred casing and be happy with it.

9. It is a sin against GOD: Of-course the holy books can not stress this enough. If GOD calls it a sin then who am i to go against his wish because at the end,it will be for my own good and the rewards for remaining sexually decent outweighs the sacrifice made by me to obey GOD.

10. My personal principles:
 Sometimes i tend to believe that principled people are better than religious people.
Religious people could easily fall into sin and ask for forgiveness while principled people will seldom do the things their principles go against..

Nothing will ever make me woo a lady i don't see myself marrying or make love to a lady i can't marry or go out to woo a lady just for sex or pay for sex. This is why i believe these laid down principles are more of my guiding rules than my spiritual inclination.

In conclusion, i will say it makes no sense in any way for a reasonable guy to start sleeping around with every Tola,titi,shade and kafaya that catches his fancy.Go for one lady that is appealing to you sexually and enjoy your life...if it does not work out,try again but avoid being called a dog.