These Models Agreed To Have S*x With Hiv-Positive Clients For $15,000

unknown persons leaked the messages shared between Instagram users who negotiated the terms of having s3x and coprophilia with an HIV-positive client who is reportedly based in
Dubai. Coprophilia is a sexual fetish some people feel when they come in contact with feces.
According to the messages shared, the man asking for s3x is infected but he claims the viral load is now dormant, as such cannot infect a s3x partner. And this did not scare the s3x worker who merely asked for more money plus she would be bringing along her friend.
We have masked the photos of the women since they are yet to confirm or deny the story, though they have put Instagram accounts on private.

And that’s not all. For South Africans on Twitter who have read the story, they are horrified to see that their ‘randy’ Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula is following one of the women.
Recall that Mbalula was busted last time when the explicit photo of Nigerian nudist Maheeda appeared on his TL, though he quickly denied posting it, and claimed he was hacked.