I May Be Wicked in Movies But I'm Not Wicked in Real Life - Chiwetalu Agu Speaks

Chiwetalu Agu

Popular Nigerian actor, Chiwetalu Agu known for the unique lines he uses in movies, has opened up on the subject of being wicked in films. 

The veteran actor is poular for his roles as a wicked and evil man in most films. Because of his convincing interpretation of such roles, some fans believe this might not be so far from his actual character in real life.
However, in a recent interview, the ace actor said that it was part of his job to convince and convey his message through a particular character. He added that he is actually a very nice and jovial person in real life, which is why he puts some humour into some of his roles.
He stressed that as a professional actor, it would be unprofessional to suffer the emotions of his audience who are all watching to be entertained.
“I’m known in my movies as a wicked man, but then, in real life, I am actually a very friendly and jovial man. Also, it shouldn’t just be about being wicked for me. In movies, I need to lighten up the mood of movie-buffs by being comical and entertain the people at some point. As it stands now, I’m more like a father, a teacher and in fact, a professor in acting. If you can observe, when scripts come from my children, I try to add good lines to them, so they can be entertaining and informing,” he said.