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Kim Kardashian speaks about her husband concerning any divorce rumours

There have been fake rumours about Kim K wanting to divorce her Husband

 Kanye because of his embarrasing twitter rants, so Kim Kardashian took to 
her website, to make a big statement about where she
 stands when it comes to her husband and her loyalty.
On Friday she dedicated a post to which she titled: ‘Currently.’
When listing what she is ‘loving’ right now, she wrote: ‘My husband.’
Then she added that she ‘hated’ that people don’t get that Kanye ‘will stand up 
against the whole world for his creativity and art.’  Then said she was listening to 
the song I Love Kanye and was wearing ‘Yeezy Season 3 sampL£s she took from
 the show.
She concluded the post by writing that she wants “everyone to be as honest as Kanye,”
 and she was watching “Kanye shoot his new video” and reading “Kanye’s tweets.” 
She ended the post with a Kimoji of her flipping her middle finger..