5 Important S*x Blunders to Avoid When in a Relationship

Don't make blunders in your relationship especially when it comes to s*x. Here are tips on what blunders to avoid and how to go about it. 
S*x is good but not always. Here are a few things you must avoid when performing the act for your own safety. This article is brought to you via News24. 
1.) Someone dozing off while you give them oral s*x.
No one will ever be honest enough and admit to this but it does happen. It can be quite the blow especially when you viewed your skills very highly. The only way you can try prevent this or don’t trust yourself is ask them to show you what they like. That way you keep them alert at least for a bit.
2.) Dear men, cum in the eye has never felt nice
Sperm is painful when it gets in the eye. That is all I can tell you. You might like the fantasy of a facial but it should never get in her eyes.
3.) For the ladies, check your position while on top
It might be happy hour but if you bend the wrong way, you can actually make the penis break. Yes, it does not have a bone but do take care while cowgirl.
4.) Don’t choke or vomit
Don’t take too much alcohol especially if you know you are going to be gagging on something. Puking on anyone’s anatomy has never been sexy.
5.) For men; don’t put anything somewhere without consultation
Can you imagine you are just enjoying yourself being a lady or whatever and you feel something going somewhere it shouldn’t be going? Talk to your lady first before trying funny things.