Olamide Timothy Hitting The Nigerian Music Scene This 2016.

He quickly learnt himself how to play many of these handy instruments to ensure his space among the instrumentalists in the choir. He began to perform as a teenager at ceremonies, parties and churches where he was exposed to different kinds of music that was popular then in Nigeria from such great artists as King Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey, Fela Kuti, Haruna Ishola, Orlando Julius, amongst others. All these musicians will later influence his musical compositions and thoughts.

As a child his father played a lot of Lps from different kinds of music around the world and his interest in music was clearly shown even as a child that he would hum some melodies from albums so accurate as it's being played.
He later became a drummer where he performed and recorded with a lot of known Nigerian and international artists.
Ola! As popularly called, would learn any instrument just by looking at how it's being played then after which he would try his hands on it.
He started learning the bass in the same manner but took it even more seriously after listening to Richard Bona's album, scenes from my life. He continued to get better on it daily as he would sit for hours to figure out everything on that album. He was later influenced by a lot of all other jazz bassists around the world including the greats as Jaco Pastorius, Marcus Miller, John Patittucci, Christian McBride, Stanley Clarke etc... It was through listening to this greats that drew his attention more into Jazz music and got to know such great musicians as Miles Davies, Bill Evans, Eddie Gomez, Paul Chambers, Ray Brown, Herbie Hancock,Clifford Brown, Wayne Shorter, Joe Zawinul amongst others.

He switched after two years from engineering and statistics to study music at the university as it seems music was more powerful and dominant in his life. He also attended the Muson diploma school of music where he learned properly the ethics of western classical music under the tutelage of Karen Patterson with his major on the upright bass and performed for several years in the Muson symphony orchestra and also gave recitals on the double bass.

He got a scholarship from the prestigious Berklee College of Music Boston Massachusetts United States after finishing from MUSON in 2010 but couldn't see to the end of this  as a result of fund.
He took professional exams in Music theory up to grade 8 , diploma and licentiate in performance from the Associated Board of the  Schools of Music (ABRSM) and Guildhall Trinity London.
Olamide has performed, produced and recorded with great musicians such as Earl Klugh, Jimmy Dludlu, Ntsiki, Steve Rhodes Orchestra, Chinaza, Biodun Batik, Orlando Julius, Karen Patterson, Nerak Patterson, amongst others.
He was the conductor and music director of the Limpopo Youth Orchestra, South Africa where he's currently working as an instructor, performing with his group and several great musicians.
Ola's music is known to infuse African idioms mostly influenced by other jazz genres to create a whole new style that touches multiple audience across the globe.
He just released his debut album
Ti' Bami Se .. aka ..My Music Soul Journey.
The album which is a result of compositions influenced by songs Ola heard while growing up mostly and those that has thought him life lessons both as a musician and what life is all about. He chose to sing in his Yoruba dialect as to be able to convince and affirm the messages of each song as inspired. This album features great musicians including Micheal Oloyede-Drums,Victor Odetunde- Piano and Keyboards, Segun Atoyebi- saxophones,Philip Uwuagwu- Guitar, Wura Samba- Percussions and a chamber orchestra from the Muson Symphony Orchestra.


Each music from his album has a story behind it: examples includes.

TI' BAMI SE/ It's about what God can do beyond man's imagination and encouraging people to hope in God always.

ENIKENI/ It's the Yoruba folk song that tells the story of helping others that one is capable of helping as we are replicates of each other.

OPE/ It's a thanksgiving song to express gratitude at every point in life.

IRE/ It's a song that defines goodness and also calls for all who want or wish for good things in life.

It's an eleven track album in total and all in different genres but categorized under Jazz and world music genre.

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