Unbelievable! London Bus Driver Caught Pleasuring Himself While Watching Porn Inside Bus

A foolish bus driver who could not contain his sexual excitement was caught on camera watching porn and pleasing himself in the glare view of people inside a bus. 
In a most bizarre circumstance, a London bus driver of 123 bus route to Ilford, North London was caught pants down performing a solo sex act on the top deck.
The driver was naked from the waist down, leaning between two seats at the top of the parked vehicle and appearing to pleasure himself in full view of passers-by. The London bus driver was caught in the act by Mohamud Mohamud, 38, and his brother Hamze, 26, who were standing outside their home smoking a cigarette.
Mohamud said: “I was so shocked. I saw he was almost naked on the top of the bus and could see him rocking backwards and forwards.”
After a-minute-and-a-half, the driver finished the indecent act and pulled his trousers over his large belly.
Mohamud, who went to confront the man, explained he went to such lengths to record the moment because the bus route is often used by kids, and was upset when an elderly woman spotted the sex act as she walked past. He said when he confronted the driver, he was begged to delete the footage.
Mohamud told the unnamed man: “What you are doing is absolutely disgusting, it’s beyond belief."
He it was obvious the driver wanted people to see him. The driver has been suspended as investigation into the matter is ongoing.