Tragic! 3-year-old Boy Kills Himself With Gun in His Mother's Bedroom

Sa'vion Barrow

A woman's carelessness has cost her the life of her very young son who shot himself dead with a hand gun. 

A three-year-old boy accidentally shot himself over the weekend in his South Carolina home, police say. 
The young boy identified as Sa'vion Barrow was playing with a handgun when he shot himself Sunday afternoon, police said. The tragedy reportedly occurred in Sa'vion's mother's bedroom while the mother was there without having a clue what was happening until she heard the fatal shot.
"She turned around, and there he was on the bed with the gun," Rock Hill Police Department spokesman Mark Bollinger told NBC News.
Sa'vion was rushed to Piedmont Medical Center as paramedics tried to save him to no avail. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.
Police did not say how the boy got the gun.
Police declined to identify the mother. Officers are awaiting toxiciology results on samples taken from her. 
"We have to send those off to see if she had anything in her system, which would have led to her not totally being aware of the circumstances," Bollinger said.