New Bride Brutally Raped By Robbers As Husband Was Forced to Watch in Lagos

 The Bariga area of Lagos has been heavily attacked by armed robbers in recent times with some dare-devil gunmen storming the house of a newly married couple and raping the wife as the husband groaned in pains at the sight of the event.
Some residents of Adio, Ekimogun streets and Kehinde Lane in the Bariga area of Lagos State have started fleeing their homes after robbers kept attacking them repeatedly, Punch reports.
It was learnt that Adio residents were attacked three times last week. Ekimogun Street had two visits and Kehinde Lane was invaded once. During the raid of Ekimogun, a newly-wed woman who just moved into the house with her husband was raped while her husband was forced to watch.

The security guard of a nursery and primary school on Adio Street was bound by his hands and feet and beaten up severely. The frequency of the attacks and the inability of the police to address the scourge forced some of the residents to form local vigilantes to ward off the robbers.

The landlady in one of the houses, who identified herself as Olubukola, told a correspondent her children had stopped going to school because she no longer slept at home.

She said despite not staying at home, the robbers still broke into her room and carted away valuables. She said, “They have entered my house three times now. The first time was early Monday morning. They ransacked all the flats in the building.

“On Wednesday night cum Thursday morning, they returned and stole more things. Because of all these, people stopped living in their houses. My children and I now squat in a friend’s apartment in Alagbado.

“But on Friday morning, we returned and discovered the robbers had come and because they did not meet anybody, they broke in and took away my television and DSTV decoder.”

A correspondent learnt that in another house on the street, the robbers carted away handsets, laptops, money and ATM cards.