Hi world @justpromoters we came across this pretty and talented  Nigerian fast rising artiste signed under Awesome Express Music(AEM) owned by a known Producer and singer VTEK ,we had the privilege of having a one on one chat with dumebi,
our conversation follows after the cut..

Justpromoters: may we meet u ?

Dumebi: I am Dumebi Lea Nwafor, a Nigerian, singer/songwriter, Makeup artist generally an entrepreneur

                                                           @dumebiofficial and client @wofaifada

Justpromoters: Wow.. that's really lovely,a young entrepreneur, how do u combine these whole jobs with ur music career?

Dumebi: It's really fun combining both careers because as different as music and makeup may be, they actually compliment themselves, because it's all about my passion for everything art related and they allow me express myself on different levels and platforms. The music started years before I ventured into makeup professionally, but I have found a way to balance both and none suffers at the expense of the other.

Justpromoters: How come you are Using Your Real Name and not some Random Stage Name Like Some other artistes?

Dumebi: I chose to use my real name  Dumebi as my stage name cos I love the originality.. it's as simple as that.. I have tried an alias earlier on, when I just started out my music career and I had to change it because I dint think it left the impression on people I wanted to leave.. besides I love my name so much, so why not..

Justpromoters: Would u share that Alias name  name with us?

Dumebi: Lol.. it was a name someone picked out for me it was "soul duchess"

Justpromoters: Hmm "Soul Duchess" is a nice name... less I forget.. u didn't say anything about ur educational background?

Dumebi: I was born an bred in Lagos, had my primary and secondary education here in lagos, being a military kid, I attended military schools, Command Ikeja precisely, I guess that explains why i'm tough.. lol. I had my university education in Nnamdi Azikiwe University where I bagged a degree in Zoology

Justpromoters: Ooh wow.. that's lovely, how come u decided to venture into entertainment?

Dumebi: It's the passion o, I have been singing for quite a while. Started in my church choir at age 8, started song-writing at 15, that was when I knew that i'd love to follow this path professionally, so it's always been a passion of mine.. mom was a music teacher.. so it's not surprising. I'd say it runs in the blood

Justpromoters: What are your achievements so far?

Dumebi: Hmm.. that's a question that can be interpreted in so many ways.. but firstly i'd like to acknowledge that I have achieved some things that I have dreamed of doing for as long as I can remember, I am a young, educated, strong and independent african woman, I have been able to discover and I am harnessing  my talents, I am a singer and songwriter, though I am still uprising, I am an award winning artiste, an entrepreneur and business woman.. but breaking it down to the simplest and most important things, I have a loving family and awesome friends and supporters, and I am a Child of God, so I can confidently say I have achieved great things.. but of course there are even greater things I will still achieve.

Justpromoters: What do we call your type of music?
Dumebi: I do Afro-pop with a blend of raggae because I am a lover of Jamaican patois

Justpromoters: What is ur ideal fashion?

Dumebi: I think women should be beautiful and comfortable.. although the term comfort is relative because a lot of times we do suffer for beauty.. but I believe a person's fashion sense should be one that flatters their body and form whether u want to dress like a lady, like a gangsta chick, lin a traditional attire, whatever look it is you want to adopt it should flatter you and accentuate your best features and not your flaws.. i'm a cheeky kinda girl.. I love bright colours, prints, I love to accessories too! And I love being eclectic because I get bored of anything too monotonous, so I don't over do trends. Especially because of my very rich dark skin tone which I am infact proud of and my small body frame I am kinda choosy about what I wear. If I don't think I am cute in it, I ain't stepping out of my house!

Justpromoters: Nice.. whr do u see ur self and Nigerian entertainment industry in 3years time?
Dumebi:  In the next 3years, I see myself being a household name, one of the biggest acts in the industry,an award winner, international recognition and even collaborations by God's grace

Justpromoters: Who is your music mentor?
Dumebi: There are a lot of people I look up to in the industry, MJ, Beyonce, there are also some that influenced my sound like Whitney Houston, Brenda Fassie, Patra, Rihanna... over here in Nigeria, there are sooo many Artistes that are just awesome I can't even start naming them

Justpromoters: Who would u want to work with if u are opportuned to feature someone in your album in future(home/abroad) 

Dumebi: Hmm.. Lady Patra, Shabba Ranks, Brandy and Sauti Soul

Justpromoters: Why did u choose to work with this ppl u have mentioned?
Dumebi: Because I love their work and I think we can create beautiful music together.

Justpromoters: Tell us,who is the real Dumebi?
Dumebi: Dumebi is just a regular girl with hopes and dreams, i'm shy, Romantic, a goal-getter..

Justpromoters: What has been your best work so far that got people talk..?

Dumebi: Hmm...
All my jobs so far have gotten good reveiws
But recently I switched up my sound.. I tried a different genre from what I have been doing.. I did reggae (Patua) in the latest song I was featured in by Vtek titled #wassup
And people were surprised cos they saw a totally different side of me, and i'm glad they loved it!

Justpromoters: As a Hot and sexy female artiste, we know u have a lot of fans trying to get ur attention.. how has the reception from your male fans been so far?

Dumebi: Lol.. it's been amazing, the love and support from fans is overwhelming... they appreciate me and I am thankful for that. As for the male fans.. I keep it platonic o.. lol

Justpromoters: Are u single or with anybody?

Dumebi: Hehehe.. well, I am single, but not searching..

Justpromoters: Hmmm why would a beautiful lady like u say u tell the world that she is single but u re not searching? Do u have anything against relationships?

Dumebi: Lol not at all, I believe in love and being with someone that makes u happy..

Justpromoters: Do u have any reason for telling the world that you are not searching?

Dumebi: Hahhaa.. whether u search abi u no search, Wetin be ur own,na ur own oo.. that's all I have to say on the matter my brother..?(if you search or you dont search, whats yours will surely remain yours)

Justpromoters: Do you have any advice for the upcoming and wana be artists out there..?

Dumebi: For the upcoming Artistes out there.. if u are sure that's really want to do, go for it. Work had on your talent and do all that is necessary for the growth of your music career, Go hard and don't relent, it will definitely pay off!

Justpromoters:Any shout outs to the readers out there?

Dumebi: Much love to everyone reading this, please check out my songs online, follow me on Instagram and twitter @dumebiofficial. You can also mail me for bookin and enquiries via dumebimusic@gmail.com, I Would love to connect with you all.. love you all And please watch our viral video for #WASSUP via VEVO

Justpromoters: Thank you for having us dumebi..

Dumebi: You re wlcm

PREVIOUS Make-up by Dumebi.  @leauzuri..

make-up by @leauzuri on instagram sansation @wofaifada\

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