Electric Shock Therapy Being Used to Cure Men of Homosexuality in China...See How (video)

 A treatment that can allegedly cure men of homosexuality in China has been revealed to be 'electric shock therapy'.
It's been revealed that men are still regularly subjected to gay electric shock therapy in China, 15 years after it was no longer classified a 'mental illness'.
Hospitals across the country continue to offer the brutal treatment, saying they can 'cure homosexuality'. Their methods are exposed by the Dateline program.
According to the reports, it is parents that usually bring their gay children to the 'conversion clinics' in the hopes that the therapy will correct their sexuality, therby making them straight.
For the treatment, the men will have electrodes placed near their genitals and on their head before being subjected to huge doses of electric voltage to try and rid them of their homosexuality.
Leading psychotherapist Johnny Li said 'the damage can be long-term'
Watch video below...
Watch video below...