Donald Trump Under Fire for Retweeting 'Statistics' That Claim Most White People Are Killed By Black People

Donald Trump
American presidential hopeful, Donald Trump, has come under fire for retweeting made-up statistics about murders committed by black people. 
The American Republican presidential candidate,  Donald Trump, has been branded 'racist' by critics on Twitter after he re-posted the fake crime figures, which wrongly state that most murders of both black and white people are committed by black killers.
The image in Trump's tweet is titled 'USA Crime Statistics - 2015'.

It reads: 'Blacks killed by whites - 2%. Blacks killed by police - 1%. Whites killed by police - 3%. Whites killed by whites - 16%. Whites killed by blacks - 81%. Blacks killed by blacks - 97%.'
The tweet also shows an image of a black man with a covered face holding a handgun.

Daily Mail Online reports that according to official statistics collated by the FBI in 2014, 82 per cent of murders with white victims are committed by white people - far higher than what Trump claimed.

Also less than 15 per cent of white murder victims are killed by black people.

The real figures also show that more than seven per cent of black murder victims are killed by white people. About 90 per cent of black murder victims were killed by black people.

The tweet was originally posted on Saturday by Twitter user @CheesedBrit, whose Twitter profile picture is a neo-Nazi logo that looks similar to the Swastika.
After Trump retweeted the post, dozens of people quickly pointed out that not only are the numbers wildly wrong, but the 'source', the Crime Statistics Bureau - San Francisco, does not exist.
See their tweets blasting Trump below: