U.S Border Police Finds Woman Stuffed Inside a Hidden Compartment in Car's Back Seat (Photos)

That moment when a U.S Border Patrol agents found illegal and undocumented immigrant woman, 23, stuffed in hidden compartment under child seat in back of a car at Mexico crossing.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers at the Otay Mesa border crossing, have found a woman stuffed in a hidden compartment under the back seat of a 1995 Honda Civic Sedan car that was attempting to cross into the United States from Mexico this morning after growing suspicious.
Border cops noticed the driver of the car, who had her 3-year old daughter in the back, appeared nervous so carried out a full search of the vehicle. The CBP's imaging system detected anomalies inside the Honda's gas tank and the area under the back seat, where the young girl had been sitting.
The 1995 Honda Civic sedan car, which had a hidden compartment underneath the back seat, was seized by the authorities

After removing the child seat they found a hidden compartment and inside discovered the 23-year old undocumented woman lying in a fetal position. The Mexican woman was removed from the vehicle and taken to a Metropolitan Correctional Center to await arraignment and will be sent back to Mexico after criminal proceedings are finished.