See What an Angry Wife Did to Her Husband's Luxury Car (Photos)

A 48-year old woman whose husband allegedly dumped her for a 28-year old girl angrily vented her anger on her husband's exotic Ford Focus car.
The vehicle, Ford Focus
An angry 48-year old woman who felt cheated by her husband's action of leaving her for a 28-year old girl decided to pay him back in a hard coin by destroying his luxury car, a Ford Focus.

The scorned woman spotted her hubby's car near the apartment of the 28 year old girl friend and decided to take revenge on the car.
According to media reports, she purchased spray paint, knives, sledge hammer and rotten egg for the destructive mission. She shattered the windscreen of the vehicle and made awry inscriptions of the beautiful car.
She then went to the Ford Focus, destroyed it and and wrote:"We were married for 26 years, he left the family in favour of a 28-year-old called Veronika."

The enraged 48-year-old painted graffiti all over husband Ford Focus before smashing the windows, puncturing the tyres and pelting it with eggs. To make sure everyone knew what her cheating husband had been up to, she scrawled a note on the ruined motor's windscreen.
The note she left behind

It read: "I and my husband Aleksander are both 48 years old.

"We were married for 26 years. He left the family in favour of a 28-year-old called Veronika.

"Meanwhile, his eldest daughter is 25 years old and the youngest is just 6 years old. He betrayed me and as you can see I am very unhappy now!"
The incident took place in city of Novosibirsk in south-central Russia's Novosibirsk Oblast region. The woman expressed her rage clearly after spotting the car parked near the flat where the said Veronika lives.