Residents Beat Up KAI Officials on Allen Avenue, Ikeja (Photos)

Residents in the Allen Avenue area of Ikeja physically assaulted officials of KAI for beating up an innocent recharge card seller.
One of the KAI officials being harrassed
A social media user narrates the awful experience the officials of the Kick Against Indiscipline (KAI) had at Allen Avenue, in the Ikeja area of Lagos state today.
Read the narration below:

''So today on Allen Avenue, some KAI officials picked up a standing recharge card seller, beat him up and forced him into their van. On-lookers who wondered why a guy selling recharge cards without a stand should be beaten and then forced to enter their van descended on the officials and also beat them up. Sensing they can’t over power the crowd they quickly rushed into their van and drove off. Unfortunately, there was a slow one among them and he was left behind. Trust angry Lagosians who weren’t satisfied with the beatings, they descended on him the more till other onlooker’s begged for his release''
See photos: