Omg! See the 18-Kg Tumour Removed from a 17-year-old Girl's Abdomen (Photo)

According to reports from Emirate 24/7, a 17-year old girl's life has just been saved by Saudi Arabian doctors who recovered a tumour weighing 18-kg from her abdomen.
The removed tumour
Saudi Arabian doctors removed an 18-kg tumour from the abdomen of a 17-year-old local girl after she was admitted to hospital with severe pain, Emirate 24/7 reports.
Officials at the government hospital in the Western town of Makkah said that image scans showed the mass, measuring 30 by 25cm, spread from the upper abdomen down to the pelvis.

"It weighed nearly 18 kg, almost a third of the girl’s weight and caused sharp pain to her. The mass was removed successfully without any complications to the patient." 
Dr. Hilal Al Malki, a doctor at the hospital revealed.