My Best Friend Sold Me to a Pimp - Nigerian Lady Speaks About Sex Slavery in Russia

A Nigerian young girl who was sold to a Pimp by her best friend and spent two years of her life serving sex to customers in Russia has spoken out in a revealing interview.
Blessing, was sold to a pimp by her best friend. (Photo: Tatiana Egorova/Colta)
A 23-year old Nigerian young girl who spent two years of her life serving sex to customers in Russia as her best friend sold her to a pimp, has spoken out during a project of Russian photographer, Tatiana Egorova about victims of human trafficking.

Blessing, who also fell into the hands of a Russian gang said: "I had to leave school as my family is very poor. My father works as a driver, and my mother works at market. I put my braiding skills to practice to earn some money, but I still wanted to get an education.
Blessing and another Nigerian girl who were tricked into prostitution in Russia. (Photo: Tatiana Egorova/Colta)

"My best friend told me about an opportunity to study for free in Russia. However, when I arrived, my friend sold me to a Russian woman and her Nigerian companion. They used to beat me and leave outside without clothes to freeze when I refused to serve clients.

"I even begged my clients to help me, but they did nothing. When my father found out about my sex slavery in Russia, he said I should blame myself for becoming a prostitute,"
 Blessing added.

Blessing later got a new passport at the Federal Migration Service, and agreed to be deported from the country, she disclosed few days before her departure to Nigeria;
Blessing receives her new passport and other documents to leave Russia. (Photo: Tatiana Egorova/Colta)

"I’m afraid to come back home as my pimp called my mother and said I owned them a lot of money. You never know what a client would do to you. He could beat, torture, trow you down the stairs or even kill, and you would never see your family again."

Blessing and three other Nigerian girls were rescued by a charity organization. The organization provided an accommodation in a dormitory and paid for the girls' new passports.

Majority of Nigerians who unwillingly become prostitutes in Russia don’t know local language and are afraid to go to the police. The only way for them to survive and don’t starve to death is to submit and do whatever their pimp orders.