Heartless Man Pours Hot Cooking Oil on Wife in Abia (Photos)

A man in Abia state let his anger get the best of him thereby pouring a hot sample of cooking oil on his wife, throwing her into a state of agony.
The victim and her kids
A hot-tempered man named Uchenna Okoye poured hot cooking oil on his wife over a cheap argument last Tuesday.
It happened that the husband came home hungry and there was no food at home for him to eat. He called his wife's attention to his plight and she told him she was going to send someone to buy food items for her to prepare his food.
Meanwhile, the husband had previously warned his wife against sending outsiders on errands regarding foodstuffs. An argument ensued and the man did the unreasonable - pouring hot boiling oil on his wife. 
This led to his subsequent arrest by the men of the Anambra State police command.
The father of 3 has pleaded for forgiveness from his wife and the police. He is however still being detained at the Central Police station in Awka, the Anambra state capital.