Wow!!! Man Proposes to Woman With 20 Luxury Cars and She Said NO! (Photos)

Bless the lonely hearts...Man commands fleet of 20 luxury cars for grand marriage proposal but the embarrassed girl still said NO!!!

A man who reportedly arrived with a fleet of 20 luxury sports cars and a bouquet of flowers, was left red-faced after his grand romantic gesture ended in rejection. He tried to propose to a 27-year old TV dating show contestant, Peng Yang, in Shenzhen, southern China. Peng walked off in embarrassment with the lavish proposal, leaving his heartbroken suitor posing on one knee.  
Peng, who features on a popular dating show every week, appeared shocked and embarrassed by the incident, as the reality star looked uncomfortable and was seen burying her face in her palms several times, before saying: 'Why do you have to do that? I beg of you, please stand up! There are so many people looking!'. Peng then strutted off, leaving her rejected friend on the floor.