Policemen in Lagos Brutalize and Strips Pregnant Woman Naked Resulting to Premature Delivery (Photo)

Policemen in Lagos brutalized a heavily pregnant married woman, stripping her naked in the process.

Chika Elekwachi
The increasing cases of police brutality in the country has officially become a worrying situation.
Three heartless police officers attached to the Satellite Police Division in Lagos State, have reportedly brutalised an 8 month pregnant woman, Chika Elekwachi, stripping her naked in the night of Sunday, July 19, which has led to her delivering her baby prematurely.
According the report carried in the Sun Newspaper, Elekwachi was seriously assaulted before she was dragged to the police station.
After she passed out as a result of the ordeal, the police handed her over to her family members who rushed her to Safe Hands Hospital, located at Old Ojo Road, Amuwo-Odofin, where the doctors had to induce her to put to bed.
Elekwachi who is still coming to terms with her devastating ordeal in the hands of the officers who are meant to protect her, narrated to reporters that at about 8pm on the day of the incident, she had left her two kids at home and was driving to a shop in the area to buy things for the household.
“I suddenly noticed a bus coming behind me. The bus obstructed me and one of the occupants came out, pointed a gun at me and shouted that I should park. He threatened to shoot if I didn’t park.

When I discovered that they were policemen, I tried to explain to them that I wanted to park my car, so that I could enter the shop. This incident happened at Pako Bus Stop along Ojo Road where there were so many tankers and lorries parked indiscriminately.

I begged the one that was putting on a black T-shirt to allow me to go, as I was pregnant. Then the next thing was, he called me a prostitute. I was angry and reminded him that I am a married woman with two kids.

I warned him not to call me a prostitute again. But the policeman dragged me down from the car, even as passers-by and my friend who was with me in my car, were begging him to let me go.

While I was screaming for help, saying, ‘I am not a thief,’ they tore my trousers. I was not putting on any underwear, so they stripped me naked. They were dragging me, saying I must enter their vehicle, but I refused.

They dragged me on the road, but I insisted that I would go with them in my car. In the process, my legs and my stomach were bruised.”
She was eventually bundled into the police vehicle and taken to the station, even in her virtually naked state.
"On getting to the police station, I pleaded with them to allow me get a cloth from the shop. I was begging them so that I could meet any woman nearby to give me a wrapper because I was naked.

People around were asking me what happened, and I replied that the policemen did that to me, even though I’m not a thief. Because, with the way I was treated, one could mistake me for a thief. I had to bite one of the policemen on the back.

I then entered one provision store near the station where I met a woman who gave me a gown. My phone was in my vehicle and I told the police officers that they should allow me call my people to inform them that I was at the station, but they refused.

They said I must be put in the cell. I was running around, trying to get a phone, but no one would give me their phone because they thought I was a mad woman. They were just looking at me.

I then saw a young girl, and I spoke to her in Igbo, telling her I was not a thief. She was the one that gave me her phone and I called my sister, because her number was the one I could easily recall.

I told her what was happening, so she came with her husband that night and met me at the police station. They were asking me what happened, but her husband said we had to find those who assaulted me.

So, we went into the police station and met the Divisional Crime Officer (DCO). He told us to explain what happened, but as I was talking, I felt dizzy and passed out.”
The state Police Police Relations Officer (PPRO), DSP Kenneth Nwosu, confirmed the incidence, saying the officers that carried out the assault have been nabbed and are in detention and would be prosecuted according to the law guiding the force.