My Wife Sleeps With My Brother

A timber contractor, Ojo Owoeye has told the Akoko Customary Court in Ondo State, that he caught his wife, Bola Owoeye having sex with his brother as she has filed for a divorce.
Mrs Owoeye approached the court to dissolve her 16-year old marriage with Ojo for lack of care for her and her three children, and his husband has agreed to the dissolution, saying he intentionally abandoned his wife because she was fond of sleeping around with different men, including his younger brother.

The defendant said he reported his wife and his younger brother to his mother-in-law, but the latter pacified him. He added that his younger brother also denied having extra marital affair with Bola.

He said; “My lord, there was a time that I came home from a journey at about 9pm and met my wife naked with only her wrapper around her chest, sitting on my younger brother’s lap.” He also revealed that he had to destroy his wife’s mobile phone when he discovered she often received calls from other men.

Chief Maku Awe, who is the President of the Court, ruled that the two were free to go their separate ways and remarry, granting the custody of the first and last children, who were 16 and four years old, to the mother. The second child, a nine-year old female, was given to the father.

The court also ordered that Ojo should be paying the sums of N3,000 and N2,000 as monthly feeding allowances of the children in the custody of his ex-wife.